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Fundamentals of our activity
It is our direct responsibility to advise and defend the client in all matters related to human rights.
Any problem has a solution, and comprehensive legal support from our company aims to the fastest and most efficient settlement of the most challenging legal situations.
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The high level of tolerance and loyalty to our clients allows us to provide fundamental legal assistance and support free of charge!
Practice Areas
We use the maximum personal resource and are equipped with the professional knowledge to achieve the intended high results in our work.
Our professional activity is based on an individual approach to each client. It allows us to pay enough attention to the details of the legal problem and provide qualified assistance to get the most favorable solution on your legal issue.
Freedom of Whistleblowers Act
Failure to pay salaries on public projects
Violation of the tip pool
Violations of non-working hours and removal
LGBT rights
Domestic staff
Overtime for truckers and taxi drivers
Human Rights Advocacy Firm lawyers are ready to defend your interests in any unfair situations where an individual's rights and legitimate interests are violated.
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Our advantages
Psychologically comfortable contact between the client and the lawyer is of paramount importance in working with clients. That is why our relations with clients have a long-term perspective. We are always in touch for constant consultation and prompt resolution of emerging issues.
Expert knowledge and competence
Ability to win the most complex cases
High reputation status and professionalism
Flexible approach to pricing
Qualified assistance and high standards in legal practice
Unexpected and effective solutions, rather than apparent options for resolving a legal situation
Professional level of rendering legal services
Our guarantee
Thorough study of a legal problem and an individual approach to its resolution
Qualified legal defense and representation
A coherent legal strategy for obtaining the best result
Honesty in work and focus on result
A large number of chances of getting the desired decision when considering cases