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About Our Firm
The main motivation in our hard work is to see the fruitful results: positive changes that come in the lives of our clients when difficult legal situations are resolved in their favor with our help.
We are responsible for the quality of our legal assistance with our reputation!
Principles of our work
In our work, we always consider all possible scenarios, risks, and consequences. Such an integrated approach to work makes the legal process comfortable for the client at every stage.
Respect and attention
Efficiency and productivity
Tolerance and loyalty
Decency and honesty
Confidentiality and customer care
Stages of work
Detailed legal inquiry and analysis of the legal situation, clarification of the claims and goals to the client
Explaining to the client the applicable legislation in the case
Formation of an evidence base and bringing it to legal standards
Developing the most effective strategy to achieve the desired outcome
The actual process of defending the interests and accompanying the client until the final decision on legal proceedings is made
Practice Areas
We use the maximum personal resource and are equipped with the professional knowledge to achieve the intended high results in our work.
Our professional activity is based on an individual approach to each client. It allows us to pay enough attention to the details of the legal problem and provide qualified assistance to get the most favorable solution on your legal issue.
Freedom of Whistleblowers Act
Failure to pay salaries on public projects
Violation of the tip pool
Violations of non-working hours and removal
LGBT rights
Domestic staff
Overtime for truckers and taxi drivers
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