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"Non-working hours" - rules, violations.

The extra work hours are needed for good job performance, and the employer is obliged to pay the employee for it. 

The most common type of work outside of working hours is coming to work ahead of schedule or, on the contrary, being late at work in the evening. However, there are many more examples of what an employer might consider "off-time": 

• putting on uniforms and protective equipment at work; 

• cleaning, maintenance, or inspection of equipment; 

• loading vehicles before being sent to the job site; 

• unloading or loading in the store; 

• loading computer systems; 

• checking e-mail and receiving phone calls outside the office; 

• moving between offices; 

• cleaning of the workplace; 

• time spent between calls as a telemarketer or salesperson. 

The employer must strictly monitor the observance of working hours and keep accurate records. At the same time, an employee can also keep track of his working time, claim payment for extra hours worked and check payrolls. 

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