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Interpol - goals and objectives

The world's largest police organization with offices in 194 countries and headquarters in France is INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization). It is a global police agency with the main objectives of: 

- providing assistance in joint work of world countries to investigate international crimes and bring criminals to justice; 

- maintenance of international security; 

- promoting worldwide police cooperation and the fight against crime; 

- providing support services, expertise, and training to law enforcement agencies around the world; 

- international security and transnational crime: terrorism, cybercrime, and organized crime. 

In the United States, INTERPOL authorities cannot simply arrest a person under the so-called "Red Notice" ( "request" to law enforcement agencies around the world to find and temporarily arrest a person pending extradition or who is in criminal proceedings) or a diffusion notice. To do this, they need to get an arrest warrant from a US attorney. However, in violation of the DOJ's Red Notice policy, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) uses Red Notices to detain foreign nationals and deport them. 

Our Immigrant lawyers help their clients achieve fairness in immigration rights and challenge INTERPOL's notices. Our lawyers helped dozens of individuals have their Red Notices and Diffusion Notices Deleted and they can help you as well, please call today for a free no obligation consultation.