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Breach of Employment Agreements
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An employment contract, or employment agreement, refers to an agreement between an employer and his employee. Such an agreement defines the basic terms of employment and can be agreed upon and signed before or after hiring.
Employment contracts are legally binding for both parties from the moment they are signed.

The contract can be verbal, written, and implied. Labor law prefers contracts in writing. The employment contract defines such terms of employment as:

  • Wage rate;
  • Number of hours;
  • Responsibilities;
  • Benefits;
  • Working procedures;
  • Termination requirements;
  • Complaints procedures;
  • Confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements;
  • Overtime requirements;
  • Confidentiality.

Additionally, the contract may include the period of employment - the date of hiring and the date of dismissal, as well as the terms of leave.
A breach of an employment contract occurs when one party fails to fulfill its obligations under the contract terms.
An example of this would be an employer who does not pay wages as specified in the contract or denies an employee the benefits to which he is entitled. Both the employer and the employee can be held liable for breach of an employment contract.

Another common breach of an employment contract occurs when an employer suspends an employee in a way that violates the terms of their contract.
A common breach of contract by employees occurs when they seek to work elsewhere before their contract expires. In addition, employees may be held liable for breach of contract if they disclose information that constitutes a corporate secret.
To make it easier to establish the fact of violation of the employment contract, it is preferable to conclude it in writing - to have written evidence of what terms each party agreed to.
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