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Overtime Wages
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Everyone who works is entitled to receive the compensation they deserve and the compensation they earned. Unfortunately, underpayment and subsequently, violations of local, state, and federal wage and hour laws are not uncommon.
When employers do not pay the minimum wage, fail to pay non-exempt employees’ overtime, force employees to work off the clock, force extended work via online/remote work, or engage in other forms of wage theft, it takes a skilled employment law attorney to hold employers responsible, and help the employees receive the compensation they deserve.
Let the lawyers at Human Rights Advocacy Firm help you recover the compensation you worked so hard to earn.
The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a federal statute that establishes minimum wage and overtime compensation requirements. The federal minimum wage is currently $7.25 per hour, however, the minimum wage in New York State is currently higher.

The minimum wage directives of the New York State Labor Department must be followed by all New York companies, as well as the FLSA overtime compensation laws.

The minimum wage in New York City is $15.00 per hour, if you are paid less, let us help you recover the underpayment. Domestic Workers and Workers in the Hospitality industry are entitled to a different minimum wage, let us help you determine what you are entitled to.

In New York, employers must follow the FLSA and state labor rules when it comes to overtime pay. For all hours worked over 40 per week, non-exempt employees must be paid an overtime rate of time-and-a-half their usual rate of pay.

In New York, there are defined guidelines for legal payroll deductions. A deduction must be specifically allowed in writing by the employee or under the conditions of a collective bargaining agreement, and the employee's consent must be voluntary.
If your employer improperly withheld payments from your paycheck, call us immediately and we will make sure you receive the money you are owed.
Human Rights Advocacy Firm lawyers are ready to defend your interests in any unfair situations where an individual's rights and legitimate interests are violated.
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