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Removal of Red Notice and Diffusion Notice
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The INTERPOL Red Notice requires the temporary arrest of people wanted for criminal prosecution or serving a sentence.
The red warrant is not an international arrest warrant because Interpol does not have the legal power to ensure arrest, and sovereign states have the right to decide to take legal action after the object of the warrant is temporarily arrested.
In addition, the Department of Justice insists on the position that "in the United States, national law prohibits the arrest of the subject of a red arrest warrant issued by another INTERPOL member state only based on the notice."
During most of the existence of Interpol, red notices are rarely used. However, in recent years, technological advances have allowed member states to directly upload red warrant requests, circumventing the Interpol Archives Control Committee ("CCF"), the data protection agency of the Interpol.

The ease and lack of oversight of the red bulletin system allow member states to abuse journalists and political opponents and limit relief to asylum seekers and refugees. In addition to the blatant abuse, the lack of adequate supervision (for example, not requiring the Member States to present a valid arrest warrant in support of a request for a red arrest warrant, only mentioning the fact that such an arrest warrant exists) it often leads to the issuance of inaccurate or invalid red warrants.
People at risk of extradition are most affected by Interpol's Red Notice. The red notice severely restricts the ability of affected individuals to travel and do business.
Interpol is the largest police organization in the world, with 190 member states.

It is not a police force, and it does not personally arrest people. It is a system for sharing information and resources among the police forces of the member states. The notice is posted on your system and distributed to all member states.

The intense scales in the Interpar range are likely complicated to travel safely for people who have been affected by notifications. The red information is often shown in a background control performed by a bank or company. The eligible person for the Red Interpar notice stops, recovers, arrests, and tends to be out of the face.
The dissemination of Interpol is more informal than notifications, but still, there is a risk of causing arrests. Member States can be distributed throughout the system without relying on formal red notices.
We have successfully removed the desired red order for our clients.

However, challenging Interpol's red arrest warrant is complicated and time-consuming. Also, while many law firms provide a red "expungement" notice, expungement is not always the best strategy because it will not automatically prevent you from being arrested.
It is essential to understand the communication channels that exist within the Interpol system and how this can harm future extradition or substantive criminal defense.

Therefore, you should fully understand the options available to you before considering taking action on materials held by Interpol.

Our professional extradition team can provide you with comprehensive advice on these options.
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