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According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), the typical worker who is the victim of minimum wage violations loses $ 64 a week, or $ 3,300 a year. We can say that according to EPI estimates, the annual total theft of wages from American workers is close to $ 15 billion.
How employers steal money from employees So what is harassment

There are several well-known ways employers rob their employees. The simplest is to take off money directly from the salary when the salary is deliberately lowered, or a system of unreasonable fines is established.

However, wage theft can be in more complex and subtle forms. For example, deliberately misidentifying workers as independent contractors to avoid paying higher wages for the same responsibilities that regular workers do. This also includes asking employees to work outside of business hours or refusing lunch breaks, all of which technically fall under the definition of wage theft.

For example, Amazon was sued for not paying its employees for the amount of time they spend passing through lengthy security checkpoints when they arrive and leave.

Who employers most often steal salaries from?

Unfortunately, such an unpleasant situation can happen to almost every employee, at any position, if they are poorly aware of their rights. Most often, workers in construction, nursing homes, garment factories, farms, poultry farms, restaurants, landscape designers, etc., suffer from wage theft. But other professional workers are also at risk, such as nurses, pharmaceutical sales representatives, and financial advisors. Freelancers can also fall victim to a wage thief.

A 2018 Good Jobs First report found that the vast majority of companies caught for stealing wages were large corporations included in Fortune 500, Fortune Global 500, and Forbes lists.
Money can be returned.

Generally, the Department of Labor is responsible for enforcing wage theft laws. In 2018, the Department of Labor helped return $ 308 million to workers, a huge win but still a drop in the bucket. But this would not have happened if the workers were not alert and did not turn to New York City Wage Theft Lawyers for help.
Experienced New York Wage Theft Attorney /labor lawyers will help you understand financial statements and payroll records and, if necessary, represent your interests before your employer and in court.
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