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Wage violation Laws for Domestic Workers
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Domestic workers must be paid wages every week and no later than seven calendar days after the end of the week in which wages are paid.
The Domestic Workers Bill of Rights protects all domestic workers, including US citizens, lawful permanent residents, undocumented workers, and immigrants with another legal status (such as temporary protected status).
The employer cannot deduct any expenses from your salary. The only exception is that the law allows deductions for your benefits, such as social security taxes and income taxes, medical insurance, health insurance, and automatic savings plans. Any other deductions must be for your benefit, must not exceed 10% of the total wages in a given payment period, and cannot be deducted without your written permission.
Your employer does not have the right to deduct the following expenses from your salary:

Damage to items or property

Fines, lateness, misconduct, failure to properly perform. 4,444 domestic workers in New York City who earn minimum wage and work more than 10 hours a day (for example, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.) Are entitled to overtime and minimum wage, and their rights are often violated. The hour calculation includes meal and rests time and shift intervals. Domestic workers must be paid for all hours of work.

If an employer requires a domestic worker to "stay behind" and work outside regular working hours, or the worker is not allowed to leave the premises, the worker would be entitled for compensation and potentially overtime.

Your employer, must keep detailed weekly payroll and time records, including the hours you worked, wages earned, and deductions.
If you are underpaid, even if the payments were made in cash, you should know that you are entitled to fair and government mandated compensation regardless of you immigration status or your tax status.
If underpayments happen with you, remember you are not alone, you have options, and you are entitled to compensation.

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